Our Results

KAI Partners

KAI won their recompete contract and were able to expand into new work with their primary client. They also have won contracts with new agencies, work in new states, and have successfully entered the Federal Contract market. Qocreate helped them increase their win rate to above 60%, capitalize on existing resources, and grow their business to $8M in revenue with consistent year-over-year growth.

640 Acres

640 has a unique brand in the Federal marketplace. They support Federal and commercial health organizations and technology companies. Through strategic partnerships, subcontracting work, joint ventures, and mentor-protege agreements, they are poised for growth. With Qocreate’s support, 640 has the resources in place to make it through the long haul of gaining ground in the Federal space.

Redgate Group

While decreasing overall proposal cost, Red Gate has been able to win a seat on 6 of 9 large multiple award contracts and over $85M in revenue. Red Gate continues to grow as an organization, establishing its expertise in the defense and intelligence spaces. They are well positioned to increase momentum and influence as a leader in their field for many years to come.​


TekSynap was able to leverage Story, System, and Style to secure four significant awards with NOAA, DTRA, DISA, and NRC. Our support helped move them from $20M in revenue to $116M in revenue.